Wood Carvings

  • Tawai Village

    Tawai Village

    "Tawai village, fine art of wood carvings and masterpieces of craft masters."

    Let’s touch the way of life of the wood carving community and learn to carve at Tawai village. The place is famous in carving the woodwork as fine arts. The villagers specialize in painting the woodworks in order to make them like antiques, gilding and decorating with golden lines.

  • Nong Yang Klai Village

    Nong Yang Klai Village

    "Wood carvings at Nong Yang Klai, originated by imagination and created by hearts of craft masters."

    Let’s learn an experience of wood carvings at Nong Yang Klai. The village is outstanding in carving 3-dimension woodworks at the industrial scale. The unique works are wooden furniture, wooden boys and girls. Long neck Karen, wooden toys and fish. The craftsmen  are also able to carve every design shown to them.

  • Tar Nong Bua Village

    Tar Nong Bua Village

    "House of idea generation and life creation to woodworks."

    Let’s touch the wisdom and learn wood carvings at Tar Non Bua Village. The place is outstanding in carvings 3-dimension woodworks originated from imagination. The craft masters specialize in bringing lives to the woodworks. The works look real and joyful in various movements. Distinguished works are Buddha image, Thai angels, Chinese and Hindu Gods, human, Ramayana’s Ravana and modern designs such as twisted chair.

  • Look Village

    Look Village

    "Look Village, the town of amazing wood carvings on which people can ride."

    Touch the experience of wood carvings at Look Village. The place is outstanding in carving the wood into animals both in parts and the whole body. The villagers also carve the woodworks from small to big sizes. People can get on and ride the giant carved elephants, horses, tigers and other creatures like they are the real ones.

  • Kiw Lae Noi Village

    Kiw Lae Noi Village

    "House of Craft Masters, Happiness on the Woodworks and Artistic Crafts in Lanna"

    Learn and practice wood carvings at Kiw Lae Noi Village. The place carries on the uniqueness of wood carvings on both wooden plates and wooden sticks and with the types of bas-relief, high-relief and free-standing. The carvers can carve any part of the tree from the root to the top. Outstanding works of the village are “Movements of the elephant”.